Just one of the many ways in which the Heartwood Homes are different from other senior living memory care facilities: All aspects of our homes are designed from the ground up with one goal in mind:

To offer the very best in memory care.

This is true for each of the Heartwood Senior Living® services, true of our building designs and room layouts, and true of our best practices. Heartwood stands well apart from other memory care facilities for three reasons:

Guiding Principles

Our guiding principles—developed over the course of many years—help us plan each day, conduct all programs and carry out every activity at Heartwood Homes.

Purpose-Driven Design

The designs of our homes are purpose-driven, highly functional and beautiful, both inside and out. Each apartment, all of the common rooms and spaces; even the walking paths and gardens… All are designed with memory care in mind.

The Right Services

Each of Heartwood’s services are designed to provide comfort, safety and good health for our residents, and to improve the lives of their family members.

Our Difference

Shared Values

Heartwood Senior Living is a values-based assisted living facility for individuals with memory care needs. We live each day according to these values.

Preserving Dignity

We value the life experiences of every person and give the respect they deserve

Nurturing the Spirit

We care for the whole person – mind, body and spirit

Celebrating Individuality

We recognize that each person is a unique and special individual

Enabling Freedom of Choice

We empower residents to live as they with by offering choices

Encouraging Independence

We encourage resident’s rights to self-reliance in whatever ways possible

Involving Family and Friends

Friends and family are always welcome, and their involvement is wholeheartedly encouraged


We exemplify coming together, sharing together, working together, succeeding together


We value being sincere, truthful, trustworthy, honorable, fair, genuine, and loyal with integrity


We practice self-examination, searching for new creativity and opportunities for doing better

New Culture of Aging

We recognize that culture change and transformation to a person-centered care community is not a destination, but a journey, always a work in progress

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Our Service Promise

Our customers will…

  • Know they are important by how we make them feel
  • Receive courtesy and respect at all times
  • Be addressed with the title and name which they prefer to be called
  • Receive caring, personal attention that will be given with passion
  • Never encounter a shortage of smiles
  • Get the best we have to give… every single day
  • Enjoy a spotless, safe and warm home environment
  • Be surrounded by positive and upbeat attitudes
  • Never need to seek attention because they will always have ours
  • Be appreciated by our successful team and listen to their needs
  • Be served by a team who is proud of them, proud of each other and proud of Heartwood Senior Living

The Heartwood Service Promise

From Our Stories

Heartwood Senior Living has been such a blessing for me and my whole family. They, the staff, have gone out of their way in taking care of my mother, Myrna. They give the best treatment. The staff goes above and beyond their duty. They do everything they can so my mother keeps her dignity. With a person with Alzheimer’s… [Read More]
Darlene - Daughter of Resident