I want to say “Thank You” for the care that you provided to my grandpa and his family. The last few years of my grandpa’s life were very difficult for my aunt and my dad. The only thing that eased their minds was knowing that grandpa was both safe and well cared for. My dad is a very hard man to impress, but you and your staff did it! I’m thankful for the education and expertise you shared, as well as your compassion and empathy. I have worked as a Hospice Nurse for the last 5 years, so I can’t say my “Thank You” without commenting on your staff’s end-of-life care.

It was exceptional, devoted, and compassionate. Your staff was attentive to Grandpa’s needs as well as the needs of his family. You offered us food and drinks while we were bedside with him, you looked for books I requested, you educated, you supported, you listened, and you cared. I have friends and family living in the Fox Valley and I will forever refer them to you for your high quality memory care.