Generally speaking, you ask pointed questions that reveal each community’s understanding of, and commitment to, person-directed care. Here are a few important questions followed by hints as to what the answers should include:

  • Do you train your staff on how to provide person-directed care?

    The answer should include: “When we hire staff, our philosophy and practice of care are emphasized in their training. Staff members are evaluated on their ability to provide this level of care and attention.”

  • What types of recreational activities are offered?

    The answer should include: “In addition to scheduled activities, many of our activities are also spontaneous. Our staff members arrange activities with residents based on what the resident likes to do, not only during the day… but at night for those who are awake. We always have staff here in the evenings and on weekends to engage residents.”

  • What is the role of family members? Do you measure family satisfaction?

    The answer should include: “Family members are welcome to visit at any time, volunteer, and participate in our Family Council. Family members can speak to any member of our staff to discuss their loved one’s needs and preferences. Also, family opinions are important to us because we consider them part of the team. To ensure we’re on the same page, we measure family satisfaction.”

  • Do you have a rehabilitation team and access to therapists such as speech pathologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists?

    The answer should include: “We have licensed therapists on staff and we facilitate working with outside therapists. We can provide one-to-one therapy and our therapists advise us on things such as how to change a room or bathroom to best meet individual needs and how to transfer a resident from chair to bed in the most comfortable way.”