I am humbled and amazed by the creativity of our residents and their families. A resident’s friend, Jack, was inspired after learning about us on our website. He connected with our meaning of the Heartwood name and created a wooden heart for each of his friend’s children and couple for us too.

Heartwood Senior Living supports the belief that each resident is unique. We see the spirit in the residents’ eyes, their smiles, and their response to a loving touch. This is the spirit that is undaunted by the disease; the spirit beyond the disease. It is the “Heartwood” of a person.

The Heartwood of a tree is the central core hardwood around which the annual concentric rings grow. These annual rings symbolize the layers of memories formed over the years of our lives. Through dementia and Alzheimer’s’ disease, some of these layers of memory break down and are lost. Other layers become dominant at certain points for a person. But the central core, or human essence, the “Heartwood” of a person remains.

At Heartwood Senior Living, we believe in discovering the uniqueness of each person’s central core. We believe in protecting, nurturing, and celebrating each individual “Heart” we serve.

Thank you, Jack, for your creative interpretation of our name. When we look at our wooden hearts, we will have a visual reminder of why we have devoted our lives and our professions to caring for seniors and enjoying their memories.