Evaluating Care Options

Surprisingly, many very intelligent people spend more time and care in evaluating new car choices than they do assisted living choices. Assisted living facilities, and memory care facilities in particular, offer a wide range of services and accommodations. Perhaps the most critical difference is the environment. Who will be caring for your loved one?

I Wonder as I Wander

Wandering – it’s a common happening in patients with memory loss. In fact, six in every ten patients living with Alzheimer’s will exhibit signs of wandering. What is wandering though; is it dangerous, what’s causing it, what can I do to help? These are questions that we all ask. Here’s […]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Consider Assisted Living

It safe to say that one of the hardest decisions we will ever make during our lifetime will involve how we choose to care for our family members as they age. Often enough people are in denial that there’s a need for assisted living, both the future resident and their family members. […]

Memory Care Evaluation: What to Look For

Deciding to move a loved one to a memory care home is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. But once you have made that decision, the next question is, “where to?” That question is nearly as hard as the first since choosing the right facility is essential. You want a place […]