Heartwood's Founder

Jason Schmitz founded Heartwood Senior Living in 2002 with a vision to create an extraordinary environment for people with memory loss.

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Jason & Lynn Schmitz

I, Jason Schmitz, founded Heartwood with the goal of providing individualized, patient-centered care for individuals living with dementia. I began my journey in the healthcare field as a caregiver at the young age of 18, following in the footsteps of my grandmother Sophie; as a child, my grandma would often tell me stories of her experiences working as a CNA – her passion for her work and love for the residents she cared for was always admirably evident, inspiring my passion for genuine, quality care at a young age. 

During my ten years working either as a CNA or Director of Nursing, I realized an unfortunate truth – that individuals with dementia were not receiving the care they deserve. This reality inspired me to pursue nursing in hopes of making a significant improvement in the standard of care.

Over 20 years later, I can humbly but confidently say that I have achieved my goal. From the beginning, Heartwood has been a family-owned business, with my wife and I on-site every day throughout our years of service. Additionally, all three of my children also work at our homes in various roles. As a family, we are proud of what Heartwood has become and are grateful for the relationships we have built with our residents, their families, and the community. We strive to preserve the values deeply embedded in Heartwood’s foundation, so you will feel at peace knowing your loved one is taken care of. Because at Heartwood, we know – there is nothing more important than family. 

A Dream Fulfilled

Jason’s dream was to provide the highest in quality care standards for each person, assuring the best of care on a daily basis. With his wife Lynn, three children, and plenty of family support and prayers, he opened Heartwood Senior Living in January 2002.

Heartwood Senior Living has been a huge success, both for Jason personally and for the community. People recognize the Heartwood passion for quality. His caregiving team continues its mission to provide care with dignity and the utmost respect. Elders with memory issues deserve to have the best care!

Jason Heartwood

Jason with his
Grandma Sophie

In Good Hands

Before my mother moved to Heartwood Homes my family and I were providing the care for her that she needed. It was very important to us that we moved our mother into an assisted living truly specializing in memory care that made her feel like she never left home, and...

No Doubts

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The Right Choice

For the past three years, my father Chester, was a resident of Heartwood Homes. The decision to place my dad was difficult but we soon realized that our choice of Heartwood Homes was the very best. For three years the staff loved and cared for my dad and in doing so...


An amazing memory care community for seniors! My mother in law was in Heartwood Homes until she passed away in November 2019 and we are so thankful for the caring staff and wonderful support that she (and our whole family) received from Heartwood Homes. In addition to...

Well Cared For

Heartwood Homes took care of my brother for 6 years. Prior to that, he was in a facility in Illinois that although caring, had so many residents that there was little personal caring. Jason and staff always had my brother’s best interests in mind. They made him feel...

Peace of Mind

Heartwood Home’s intimate, secure setting has given our family complete peace of mind. The owners and staff are truly caring people, providing for their resident's physical, social and cognitive needs. The family-like atmosphere has helped our Dad feel comfortable. We...