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Made for Memory Care

        Heartwood is an Assisted Living in Appleton, Wisconsin, specializing in Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Our enhanced-assisted living services allow for the continuation of care through each stage of your loved one’s illness. Thus, whether your loved one requires minimal or extensive assistance, we provide the quality care they deserve.

Memory Care: Our Complete Continuum of Care

Unlike other Assisted Livings that transfer their residents to a memory care unit as their disease progresses, Heartwood’s full continuum of care allows your loved one to age in place. 

One of the main advantages of this feature is consistency. Too much change can be overwhelming for anyone, let alone for those experiencing memory loss, which is why we provide consistency whenever possible – consistency in their surroundings, caregivers, peers, and routine. Consistency in caregivers and peers allows our residents to spend their days surrounded by familiar people who know them and help them enjoy life, experience feelings of belonging and purpose, and maintain their current skills through our daily path of engagement. It also improves the quality of care, as it helps our staff get to know each resident better, including their interests, likes/dislikes, and individualized plan of care, ensuring their unique needs are met. Consistency in the environment promotes safety by assisting our residents in orientating themselves to their surroundings, even as their disease progresses.

Heartwood’s unique ability to provide care to individuals through every point of their disease spectrum allows your loved one to live safely, comfortably, and happily. Not to mention, it provides convenience and ease by saving your future self from the conversation about moving to a memory care unit as their disease progresses. 

Additional Healthcare and Rehabilitative Services

In-house rehabilitative services, including physical, occupational, and speech therapies.

Residents can remain living at Heartwood Homes while receiving skilled nursing and rehab therapy from professional, licensed staff. Our philosophy is to restore each resident as quickly as possible to his or her highest level of functioning and independence.

In-house daily x-rays and laboratory work. There is no need for families to bring their loved ones into an emergency room or doctor’s office for minor laboratory tests or x-rays. Heartwood offers 24 hour access to these services.

Hospice Care

Heartwood embraces the hospice philosophy of ensuring a resident’s right to dignity and comfort during the final phases of their lives. We work with preferred providers who have agreed to abide by healthcare’s best practices.

Hospice providers, in conjunction with Heartwood staff, tailor a resident- and family-centered hospice care program. Together, we make it possible for our residents who have end-of-life needs to receive high-quality hospice care while remaining at Heartwood.

Short Term Stays / Respite Care

Designed for stays of a few days to several months, our short term stays are perfect when family members are away on a vacation or business trip or require a short break from caring for a loved one in their lives. Short term stays are also an option for seniors who need additional assistance after a hospital visit or during an illness. Many of our permanent residents also begin their lives with us by evaluating our community with short term stays.

Prior to staying with us, we conduct an on-site assessment with the senior and their family members.

This assessment helps determine the appropriate services and proper care for each individual. Once a senior becomes a resident of Heartwood, they have access to all of the same services and accommodations that are afforded our full-time residents.

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In Good Hands

Before my mother moved to Heartwood Homes my family and I were providing the care for her that she needed. It was very important to us that we moved our mother into an assisted living truly specializing in memory care that made her feel like she never left home, and...

No Doubts

A year after our mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my brothers and I realized she was no longer safe living independently. We visited several assisted living facilities to find the right place for our mother. We chose Heartwood Homes and during the 17 months she...

The Right Choice

For the past three years, my father Chester, was a resident of Heartwood Homes. The decision to place my dad was difficult but we soon realized that our choice of Heartwood Homes was the very best. For three years the staff loved and cared for my dad and in doing so...


An amazing memory care community for seniors! My mother in law was in Heartwood Homes until she passed away in November 2019 and we are so thankful for the caring staff and wonderful support that she (and our whole family) received from Heartwood Homes. In addition to...

Well Cared For

Heartwood Homes took care of my brother for 6 years. Prior to that, he was in a facility in Illinois that although caring, had so many residents that there was little personal caring. Jason and staff always had my brother’s best interests in mind. They made him feel...

Peace of Mind

Heartwood Home’s intimate, secure setting has given our family complete peace of mind. The owners and staff are truly caring people, providing for their resident's physical, social and cognitive needs. The family-like atmosphere has helped our Dad feel comfortable. We...