Holiday Visits: Setting Family Expectations

The holidays are a time of year chop full of family get-togethers. For most, family and holidays go together like milk and Christmas cookies; and while we like to focus on the joys of the season, these gatherings can also be very stressful. Hectic, chaotic days filled with preparation and travel can bring frustration […]

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Picking Movies for Seniors with Memory Loss – Three Tips

Everybody needs to sit back and unwind from time to time. What better way to relax than to enjoy a classic from the silver screen. Movies are a wonderful form of entertainment that transport us all over the world and allow us to imagine ourselves in the roles of the characters on […]

Caring for Dementia: Writing Letters to Your Loved One

Is there anything more personal, more intimate, or more endearing than a personal letter from a beloved family member? In today’s world, handwritten letters are unusual. But when caring for dementia, it’s important to connect with people in the ways they are the most comfortable. Generally speaking, most of us don’t receive handwritten letters […]