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Celebrating the Holidays in a Memory Care Community

As the holidays approach, we all hold dear to our heart the special family traditions and gatherings that bring joy to the season! Typically that involves a multi-generational family get-together for the holidays. For residents in memory care communities, these holiday traditions still hold as much importance now as they did when they were the ones planning the parties, but the setting can look a tad different.

As we exclusively specialize as a memory care provider, we go to extra efforts to ensure that residents are able to enjoy the holidays at Heartwood Homes Senior Living. We hold special meals and events, put up beautiful decorations, and genuinely go above and beyond to make each holiday season feel like home! We encourage the family members of our residents to visit and share in the joyous holiday spirit too!

Here is a number of festive activity suggestions and guidelines for sharing the holiday magic with your loved one when you visit:

1. Decorate their room together. Perhaps decorate a mini holiday tree, put a few decorative items around the room like a string of lights or stocking, or hang a wreath on the door.

2. Accompany them to a holiday event or meal hosted by our staff. We’re happy to share with you our calendar of activities. We encourage families to visit anytime, but especially during our special holiday events. We are more than happy to reserve a table for you and your family members. The more the merrier!

3. Bring a favorite holiday food to share. Is there a special family-shared recipe that you could cook up and share with your family member such as Grandma’s sugar cookies or Pecan Pie?

“My grandfather used to make a delicious, creamy turkey soup with the leftovers from the Thanksgiving bird. He’d send home a quart or two a few days after the holiday with my mother. After he moved into an assisted living community, we always made it a point to bring some in for him. Always made him smile!” – Bryan, a friend of Heartwood Homes.

4. Spend time watching a favorite holiday film or working on a holiday-themed puzzle or coloring sheet. Perhaps there was a favorite holiday song they used to love singing that you could play for them, or better yet, sing a song with them!

The more time you can share together, the better! We hope with these tips that you’ll be able to swing by for a visit. At Heartwood Homes, we do our very best to make the holidays a special time for our residents and family members!