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Home is Where the Heartwood is

Our motto is ‘We put our Hearts into making you feel at Home’

Your parent or grandparent has lived in one place for decades. They have called that house or apartment their home for as long as you can remember. Losing the feeling of identifying a living space as “home” is one of the biggest worries we have to overcome when transitioning to assisted living. Fortunately, our commitment to providing a sense of home for our residents is strong – so strong that it’s in our name!

At Heartwood we put a lot of effort into creating a physical space that looks and feels like, well, home! When you walk down the halls of Heartwood, you might feel as though you’re walking down a clean quiet lane with houses on the side, where the doorway to each resident room gives the impression of a doorway to a house – each with their individual character and charm.

We encourage all of our residents and their family members to decorate their rooms with cherished belongings – picture frames with strong memories, furniture that is comfortable and reassuring, magazines that feature content they’ve read their whole life long, and so on. Recreating a setting from their family home into their new home at Heartwood goes a long way in reducing anxiety and confusion, particularly if a resident lives with progressive memory loss.

And of course, there’s the actual sense of community that we foster at Heartwood that creates a true sense of home. Our residents tend to share a lot in common. We love to tell those stories, which helps build relationships quickly. Our facilities are also located within neighborhoods, further perpetuating the feeling that you’re in a home with neighbors. We even have patios with porch swings, pergolas, walking paths, and perennial gardens to enjoy when the time is right.

This all adds up to a wonderful feeling of home, even if you haven’t lived with us for decades. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is, or in our case, home is where Heartwood is.