What We've Learned

They still need you, they just need you different

Jean Long Manteufel of Long’s Senior Transitions features our approach to care in her first book, a collection of columns she has written for Gannett Publications.

Click here to download a chapter from her book featuring our approach to care.

You can coax a smile out, even on the grumpiest of days

Physical pain, emotional stress and boredom all lead to dark moods. Elder care consultant, Carol Bradley, shares insights and tips we put in to practice at Heartwood Senior Living.

Heartfelt memories is the essence of who we are

Have you recorded your loved one’s story? Here is a great resource for chronicling the journey.

You are never too old to hug a teddy bear

Elder care experts recommend lap-sized stuffed animals, large enough for adults to hold, flexible so they can be easily carried and soft so they are soothing. We couldn’t agree more.

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