Caring for Dementia: Writing Letters to Your Loved One

Is there anything more personal, more intimate, or more endearing than a personal letter from a beloved family member? In today’s world, handwritten letters are unusual. But when caring for dementia, it’s important to connect with people in the ways they are the most comfortable. Generally speaking, most of us don’t receive handwritten letters […]

Memory Care Evaluation: What to Look For

Deciding to move a loved one to a memory care home is one of the most difficult decisions you can make. But once you have made that decision, the next question is, “where to?” That question is nearly as hard as the first since choosing the right facility is essential. You want a place […]

How Feelings of Guilt Affect Making Memory Care Decisions

Guilt. It is a normal emotion to feel when you are caring for a loved one who is experiencing progressive memory loss. Whether it is your spouse or your mom or dad, you want to help them get better, to take care of them, to ensure that they are happy and have a good […]

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Music and Memory

Have you ever begun listening to a familiar song, and then felt magically transported to an earlier time and place in your life? Music seems to have that kind of power over people, including people who have significant memory loss in many cases. At Heartwood we’ve found that music can inspire fond memories and […]

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The Heartwood of a Person

I am humbled and amazed by the creativity of our residents and their families. A resident’s friend, Jack, was inspired after learning about us on our website. He connected with our meaning of the Heartwood name and created a wooden heart for each of his friend’s children and couple for us too.

Heartwood Senior Living […]

Darlene – Daughter of Resident

Heartwood Senior Living has been such a blessing for me and my whole family. They, the staff, have gone out of their way in taking care of my mother, Myrna. They give the best treatment. The staff goes above and beyond their duty. They do everything they can so my mother keeps her dignity. […]

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Karen – Daughter of Resident

From the very first day I met with the Heartwood Senior Living care giver team, I was 100% sure of placing my mother’s care in their hands. The concern and caring was evident from the way the owner, Jason, spoke about my mother as a human being that deserves understanding, patience, caring, and above […]

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Dr VanLieshout – Brother of Resident

For over 27 years, I have served as a Medical Director of a very large skilled nursing home. During that time, I have visited hundreds of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and community based residential facilities (CBRFs) and found few that meet the standards of Heartwood Senior Living. The professionalism and accommodations of the […]

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Debbie – Daughter of Resident

I have been staying with my mom at Heartwood Senior Living off and on for several days and nights this past month. I live in the Milwaukee area and prefer to stay longer periods, as her condition has been critical. Since I’ve lived in Heartwood Homes around the clock, I have really gotten to […]

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Virginia S. – Wife of Resident

My family and I appreciate the loving care Don received while he was at Heartwood. The girls were real angels. They took good care to see he was always clean and dressed nicely. The staff were always pleasant to him and would visit with him. We could not have found a better place. We […]

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