Stories help us understand the world around us. These stories were shared by caregivers who wanted to relate their experiences of their loved ones at Heartwood Senior Living.

Dr VanLieshout – Brother of Resident

For over 27 years, I have served as a Medical Director of a very large skilled nursing home. During that time, I have visited hundreds of nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and community based residential facilities (CBRFs) and found few that meet the standards of Heartwood Senior Living. The professionalism and accommodations of the […]

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Debbie – Daughter of Resident

I have been staying with my mom at Heartwood Senior Living off and on for several days and nights this past month. I live in the Milwaukee area and prefer to stay longer periods, as her condition has been critical. Since I’ve lived in Heartwood Homes around the clock, I have really gotten to […]

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Virginia S. – Wife of Resident

My family and I appreciate the loving care Don received while he was at Heartwood. The girls were real angels. They took good care to see he was always clean and dressed nicely. The staff were always pleasant to him and would visit with him. We could not have found a better place. We […]

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Holly – Granddaughter of Resident

I have been a Paramedic with a local ambulance service for many years. As a medic, I have been called to many local nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and CBRF’s. There are very few that are able to “match and maintain” the high standard of care and compassion that Heartwood Senior Living makes look […]

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Becky – Granddaughter of Resident

I want to say “Thank You” for the care that you provided to my grandpa and his family. The last few years of my grandpa’s life were very difficult for my aunt and my dad. The only thing that eased their minds was knowing that grandpa was both safe and well cared for. My […]

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Harland – Husband of Resident

My wife, MarJean has been at Heartwood for almost two years. One of the factors that helped me and my children choose Heartwood was the promise of Jason Schmitz that MarJean could live at Heartwood no matter how much her Alzheimer’s disease affected her. The ratio of staff to residents was another determining factor. […]

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Gary V. – Son of Resident

It is so hard to remove a parent from their home. We wanted our mother to be somewhere that people would treat her with respect and make her feel comfortable, especially because her dementia had made her afraid. When we talked with Jason, we had that comfort level. We got to know the staff […]

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Lenore & Family – Daughter of Resident

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Carol, Daughter of Resident

It is said, “When a door closes, a window opens.” That is exactly how we feel about having our sister Dorothy living at Heartwood Senior Living. The happiness that shows on Dorothy’s face when she proudly displays her room shows that the staff take time to make her feel special. It takes a special […]

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