Stories help us understand the world around us. These stories were shared by caregivers who wanted to relate their experiences of their loved ones at Heartwood Senior Living.

Roles Change

Think hard – do you remember any of Shakespeare’s “Seven Ages of Man” poem? It starts out with the most memorable line of the prose…

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are merely players. They have their exists and their entrances, and one man in his time plays […]

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Sandy – Daughter of Resident

We are very thankful for the wonderful care our Dad has received this past year at Heartwood Homes. The staff is exceptionally compassionate with the residents, our Dad calls it ‘home’ with a smile on his face!

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Meribeth – Daughter of Resident

Jason, you and your staff are angels. How you cared for my mother for four years before she passed in 2014! I rarely missed a day visiting her, and got more from every visit than I could ever put to words.

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Carol – Wife of Resident

My husband is a resident at Heartwood Homes. He came to live there late in September. He was not happy about having to be there but after three months he has adjusted very well and is happy. It’s hard for me to leave him there, but I know he is safe, comfortable and looked […]

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Mary – Daughter of Resident

Our Mom (Peanuts was her name) spent the last couple of years of her life in the care of Jason and all of the wonderful caregivers of Heartwood Homes. We lost her last January while she was living there.

When we (7) children made the decision that Mom needed to be in a safer […]

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Kathleen – Daughter of Resident

Mom had no interest in going to an assisted living facility, even though the rest of the family knew it was time. On the first day we arrived and set up Mom’s spacious room to look like home. When the time came to get Mom we brought her there and her first words were […]

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Meribeth – Daughter of Resident

Couldn’t be better – angels as staff.

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Darlene – Daughter of Resident

Heartwood Senior Living has been such a blessing for me and my whole family. They, the staff, have gone out of their way in taking care of my mother, Myrna. They give the best treatment. The staff goes above and beyond their duty. They do everything they can so my mother keeps her dignity. […]

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‎Jody – Granddaughter of Resident

My grandmother lived at Heartwood Homes for about 4 years. Not only did she receive great care, excellent food but she was part of a “home” ~ the caregivers talked to her with dignity & courtesy. She enjoyed the activities and other residents as well as being able to leave with family members from […]

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Karen – Daughter of Resident

From the very first day I met with the Heartwood Senior Living care giver team, I was 100% sure of placing my mother’s care in their hands. The concern and caring was evident from the way the owner, Jason, spoke about my mother as a human being that deserves understanding, patience, caring, and above […]

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