Mary – Daughter of Resident

Our Mom (Peanuts was her name) spent the last couple of years of her life in the care of Jason and all of the wonderful caregivers of Heartwood Homes. We lost her last January while she was living there.

When we (7) children made the decision that Mom needed to be in a safer place than where she had been, it was by far the hardest decision of our lives. And when we left her at Heartwood that day, she was madder than heck at all of us and coming from someone that we all loved so very much, it broke our hearts. But we knew it was the right decision to keep her safe and it wasn’t long after that, that Mom settled into her new home and got use to all of the people that took care of her.

She loved the people that took care of her and even on days when she was angry or confused about life and being dealt such an awful card as this disease brings, she still found comfort in the people that loved her at Heartwood. She considered them a part of her family and we all found comfort in that. They got her smiling on the darkest of days and kept her warm and safe and clean and fed and, well just always dressed pretty and there were many days that she even was wearing earrings!!

Our entire family can’t say enough good things about Jason and the people at Heartwood. They were sent to us by God to help not only our Mom get through her last few confused years, but they helped all of us too. We knew she was in the best hands that we could find for her and that made us all feel we had done our part in taking care of her in her final days.

We all joked about having Jason save a room for one or the other of us but truth be told, I don’t believe we were all kidding!

So, from the bottom of all of the hearts of Peanut’s children, thank you Jason and everyone at Heartwood. We couldn’t have gotten through this without you and I hope you will continue to talk about our Mom!

From all of Peanut’s children.

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