No Doubts

A year after our mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, my brothers and I realized she was no longer safe living independently. We visited several assisted living facilities to find the right place for our mother. We chose Heartwood Homes and during the 17 months she lived there we never had doubts about our choice. From the day she moved in, she and our family were made to feel very welcomed. The wonderful aids treated mom as if she was their mother or grandmother. She enjoyed the special attention of having her fingernails done and hair fixed. Our family appreciated the cleanliness of the facility, healthy, good tasting meals and the loving care given to our mother. When I came to her bedside after being notified that she was close to death, I found three aids lovingly holding her hands, talking to her and comforting her. I felt very peaceful that she had not been alone before I got there. We are forever grateful to Heartwood Homes.

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